"The Academy"

is a mission based project by CCK

Coaching and teaching are second nature to me. I love helping people move from one level in life to the next. As a retired professional chef and food photographer turned life coach, my experiences have allowed me to bring all of my passions together inside "The Academy."
A - Achieve Results C - Cultivate Growth A - Aspire Higher D - Develop Skills E - Empower Others M - Motivate Success Y - Yield Progress

Meet Your Instructor

"Align with Purpose, Navigate with Ease & Dream with Intention" - CCK

Kimberly Houston

Chef Kimberly Houston, a retired Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef, culinary instructor, author, and transformational coach. With eight years of experience as a Chef Instructor, she has taught hundreds of people the art of baking, cake, and cookie decorating. Chef Kimberly has a passion for engaging children in the kitchen and using food as a catalyst to open up conversations while teaching. She has authored multiple books: “Life After the Party” (2021), “Teach Me How to Bake” (2022), and The Ultimate Guide to Culinary Instruction: Tips and Techniques for Successful Teaching (2023). Chef Kimberly has an undergraduate degree in Organizational Development and a Masters in Education in L&D and Instructional Design. She holds an Entrepreneurship Certification from Cornell University. She is also a certified Abundance Mindset and Transformation Life Coach, specializing in working with women entrepreneurs who want to achieve success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. Her vision centers around intention, insight, impact, influence, and inspiration.

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